Environment Policy


The Albert Smith Group has made environmental health, safety, and environmental security a priority. We undertake the following activities to ensure an environmentally sustainable future.

Ensuring all activities carried out in each of its manufacturing plants adhere to the common set of registered Australian Environmental Operational Standards.

Producing audited reporting on these operational standards.


Encourage preferential treatment to material suppliers that either example an active participation in recycling their materials or provide materials that are recyclable.

Ensure recyclable waste is treated separately within the manufacturing operations to enable conversion into a reusable resource.

Ensure recyclable waste is treated separately within the administrative operations to enable conversion into a reusable resource.

Preserving water

In response to the Queensland’s water crisis, we paid close attention to the requirements of the Water Act 2000 and implemented the water efficient best practices recommended by the Queensland government.

Ensure any airborne water resource is harvested and stored, and reticulated for appropriate use in water flushing, cleaning, manufacture, etc.

Ensure all water devices maximise the potential for saving water.
E.g. Bi-flush toilets, water saving taps, showerheads and the like.

Implement modifications to air-conditioning and plumbing systems.

Minimising power usage

The Albert Smith Group is constantly researching initiatives in the minimisation of energy in our daily operations. One of our environmental footprint initiatives is based on metric consumption of electricity with measures put in place to monitor our consumption in line with our peak manufacturing benchmarks.

We save energy in other areas of our operation and are environmentally friendly by printing on recycled paper where possible, and having computer equipment automatically switch to power saving modes when not in use. In production, scrap metal and plastics are recycled whilst in administration, printer cartridges, paper and cardboard are also recycled.

Minimising pollutant emissions

One of our many initiatives includes a significant reduction of our paper usage in the factory via the introduction of 'information stations' in each of the key departments throughout our production facility. This enables staff to source orders, drawings and files electronically. This enables staff to source 'live on line' without the need for printing hard copies.

New Facilities

Albert Smith Group is committed to the challenge of addressing the necessary steps in ensuring an environmentally sustainable future. Albert Smith Group is a green company and our new paint facility produces absolutely no volatile’s, instead recycling them into energy. It is energy efficient, safe for our staff and the environment.




Rodney Smith 

Managing Director

Date: 01/01/2013